5 Reasons to buy British-made this Christmas.

The way we choose to spend our pounds this Christmas will have a much more significant impact than usual.

2020 has changed the way we buy in so many different ways, but it's also changed the way entrepreneurs sell and connect to their customers. It's time to show British brands that we are listening, that we care and that we are here to support them through times like this.

There are lots of reasons UK-made gifts should be on your Christmas list this year. You’re supporting British craftsmanship, which lends itself to investing in quality; You’re giving something unique which tells a story; You’re not creating a huge carbon footprint with your purchase and most importantly you’re helping to keep local people in employment.

1. You are nurturing home grown talent

In times of recession many designers leaving college can’t get jobs working for big companies. Instead, they decide to set up their own brands in order to continue doing what they love. And this is great news for the future of entrepreneurship. They are fearless, they think outside of the box and don't have to comply with the restrictions that come from working with a big company. But what they need is, our the support to continue on. When we choose to buy from British brands we are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting, bold and vibrant.

2. When you buy British gifts you are buying something made locally

Isn’t it better to give something where you know its story and provenance and where it’s come from and who made it. Transparency is key, and when you choose British brands, you are able to have a clear understanding of the supply chain and the source of it's creation.

3. You are preserving the future of British manufacturing

By actively seeking out gifts made in Britain you are helping to keep the skill of manufacturing alive in this country.

4. By buying British gifts you are creating employment for UK workers

When you buy goods that have been manufactured in Britian you are helping keep skills in the UK and boosting the British economy by keeping people in jobs here.

5. You are supporting British craftsmanship when you buy British gifts

Many of the products made in Britain are made by hand using skills that have been handed down through generations. By looking for something that is not mass produced, you are opting for a unique gift and supporting craftmanship, helping to keep skills such as woodworking, glass blowing, weaving and knitting, alive.

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