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My evening outfits look very different from what I was wearing a year ago. Gone are the heels, dresses and form fitting pieces, and here to stay are the loungewear, comfy fabrics that make me feel good, but at the same time, suit the "Work From Home" and "Chill At Home" type of lifestyle we are all leading now.

That's why I was so excited to discover Ethical Kind. The pieces are sexy, luxurious, sustainable and suitable for looking good and feeling great from the comfort of your own home.

Shop with a purpose as every Ethical Kind purchase has a positive environmental & social impact, making your selections good for the planet and great for your wardrobe. We caught up with the Founder, Lily Chong to find out more.

What is your "why?"

I was brought up by a mother who worked as a seamstress and from a family heritage of silk farmers, in south China. My mother didn't get the education she wanted, my grandad who came from the rural farming community saw women's role differently, and that was for my mother to work and marry. She worked hard as a seamstress to ensure I got an education. To this date, we still hear similar stories of inequalities and educational gaps in marginalised farming communities and all too often how the fashion industry continues to be exploitative of human and the environment. We are working to change that, and we want to provide a more ethical and kinder world so future generations can thrive.

What do you think differentiates you from other brands in your space?

Ethical Kind is a socially conscious luxury sleepwear brand. Meaning, we seek to implement solutions that address social, cultural, or environmental issues. We are the only UK brand that promotes cruelty-free, organic peace silk sleepwear.

We operate a transparent supply chain from farm to fashion. For us, we feel it's essential to visit the farms, support and source directly from the small farming communities. Our organic peace silk fabrics are from India, where there is a regeneration of farmland, a dedication to eco-friendly and responsible production, include no harmful chemicals and fertilizer, and education and sustainable development encouraged.

We would only collaborate with manufacturers whose processes we have approved for their ethics and quality, and we produce small runs.

What are the three things that you hope viewers can learn about your brand?

1) We hope viewers will learn what organic peace silk is and that there is a choice for cruelty-free silk, that does good for the people and the planet.

2) To enjoy wearing silk, that not only silk makes you feel great and look great, but is preserve your health, tradition, craftmanship. One of the best saying for wearing silk "Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand."— Oscar de la Renta

3. Know that you are empowering women. Women consume almost 80 percent of the silk produced in the world today. Women are also playing a significant role in producing silk as they constitute about 60-70 percent of the labour force in sericulture and silk industry, right from cultivation to silk weaving, without having any role in decision making. Under the circumstances, empowering women in sericulture assumes great importance. Hence, we hope your viewers will choose wisely.

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