Extending the personality with scent.

Scent has always been incredibly important to me. I was under the impression at a very young age that it helped to form our identity, when in fact, scent can be used to help extend our identities.

I have my staple fragrances that I have become known for amongst close friends, however they are "well known" commercialised scents, that are be coming less appealing to me nowadays. I want to invest in quality, originality and a story that compliments my lifestyle.

So lucky that I came across today's British Brand that fulfills all of those needs. Say helllo to Olfactive O and it's co-founder, Olivia Da Costa.

What is your ‘Why’ Olivia?

A wonderful and wise perfumer friend said to me that once you enter into the world of fragrance it’s hard to leave and this has been so true for me. I’ve had a life-long passion for the art and magic of fragrance and I’ve spent most of my career as a Fragrance Buyer for big beauty brands. But I became increasingly disenchanted with the commerciality of much of the industry and the intense focus and spend on the marketing campaigns rather than on the beauty of the fragrance itself. I wanted to reconnect customers to the deeply personal and almost animal elements of scent by showing them how it should be worn and how it can connect to your most sensual instincts.

What do you think differentiates you from other brands in your space?

Choosing a fragrance can be so overwhelming; at one end of the spectrum you have the big name brands who overwhelm with their advertising and images of models, and on the other you have the premium high end designer brands with abstract fragrance names, hefty price tags and a too-cool-for-school aesthetic which can be hard to approach. We wanted to cut a path through all this, creating beautiful, carefully-crafted fragrances tailored to the individual but accessible to all both in clarity of message and in price. While our scents are complex, we don’t overcomplicate how to find the right one for you. Our perfumes are designed to suit the different facets of your personality and we put the personality of each fragrance on the bottle label. We invite

you to choose your signature scents not just by how they smell, but by how much you identify with who they are.

What are the three things that you hope viewers can learn about your brand?

1. Olfactive O creates unisex perfumes designed to complement and enhance who you are. We

believe that the scent you choose should be intricately tailored to your personality and anything

you spray on should be an extension of your own scent, like a second skin.

2. As an independent brand we strive to leave the smallest possible footprint on the planet. We’ve

designed our perfume boxes to make them easily reusable as storage for your trinkets, and all

our packaging is fully recyclable. We use only the finest aromatic materials and botanical

essences blended with high grade 100% alcohol to ensure the purity of our fragrances.

3. The perfect gift this Christmas for you or others is our Scent Personality Discovery Set. Featuring

a vial of each of the perfumes in our collection, it will take you on guided scent experience to

finding the right fragrance(s) for you.

Find out more about the brand here:

Olfactive O

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