Get Grounded This Winter...

I grew up in a home, whereby my mom really was the "green-fingered goddess" Plans surrounded us from the kitchen to the dining room, adding a little energy every room we entered into. It was always a goal of mine to make plants a priority of mine in my own home. And as if by magic, when I returned to the UK and moved to Altringcham from New York, I was fortunate enough to have an independent plat store as my neighbour.

I'm so excited to introduce you to a brand that is not only British, but also genuine, community focused and is run by two all round good people who really do out the customers first. Say hello to Green and Grounded

What is your "Why...?"

We wanted to work for ourselves after spending the last 20 years working for other people, it became apparent that we really wanted to be able to be in control of our own destiny’s. We felt that by starting own own company we could develop a brand we were super proud of and develop at our own pace.

What differentiates Green and Grounded from others in the same field...?"

We are essentially a local small business with the capacity to deliver goods nationally, yet still giving a local level of excellent customer service. Green and Grounded are ethically led, sourcing responsible, sustainable and fairly traded plants, pots, fertiliser and composts. It’s important to our brand to use as little plastic as possible, where possible we reuse the packing from our suppliers to ship goods to our clients. Our plastic pot cover are all made from recycled bottles and produced using wind energy, making them an eco friendly choice.

What are the three things you would like our readers to know about you?

1. We care about of customers, products, the environment and the impact we have on it. We’re not a huge corporate company, just a small team who are passionate about plants and the associated products which come with them.

2. We’re very approachable and will always strive to engage with our wonderful customers to provide the best quality, most sort after, and fabulous plants.

3. We operate in an honest fashion with not only our customers but also our suppliers.

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