Get Your Winter Glow With THIS IS BEAUTY

Christmas is a knocking and even though the parties may be on hold this year, there is always room for a little winter glow. We caught up with the Founder of THIS IS BEAUTY to find out what makes her brand different and what we can expect to see from her in the near future.

Why? THIS IS BEAUTY was founded by me, Laura White, a working Mother of three. In the long nights and busy days i realised the importance of high quality and kind to nature ingredients. This, along with 13 years within the Industry lead me to create a vegan self tanning and skin care range that is line with today’s ethical, clean and 21st century lifestyle My whole purpose with This is Beauty was to create a luxury brand that’s accessible to all. Being a mom to 3 little children, and making time for self care, I believe is so important. My products are packed full of beautiful ingredients, essential oils, vitamins & nutrients. A hydrated, natural, customisable tan.. teamed with luxurious skin care really means one thing.. Skin Health, Skin Glow and a whole lot of Skin Love

What makes your brand different? We are a Vegan beauty brand that’s also Cruelty free, Paraben free and transparent on what our products do. Our self tanning range is all about enhancing you, so with that we created a tan that’s super natural with whichever shade you choose. Subtle Tanner?! Go for gradual! Glow get them type of tan? Go for Violet! You’ll find Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil and Coconut Water in our Luxury Self Tanning & Skin Care range. The key to brilliant results is hydrated skin! So what better than to fill our products with hydrating skin nourishing ingredients! What do you hope viewers will learn? 1. That a self tan doesn’t need to be super dark, having a beautiful subtle glow compliments any skin tone! It’s about enhancing what you already have! 2. This is Beauty believe in self care.. whether that means a pamper night to apply your tan! Or a long beautiful bath, followed by our luxurious Whipped Shea butter! Whatever the time for self care means to you.. do it! 3. Just be you! We want you to feel empowered to be exactly as you want to be! Get 20% off your next purchase by using the code: LUCY2020


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