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During times like these, the idea of whisking ourselves away to a luxury spa and diving into all of the wondrous smells and aromas really does sound delightful, don't you think? Well, until the time comes again when we can travel to the exquisite spas in the English countryside, why not set up a spa sanctuary in your home with products that are truly made for the goddess within you. High performance based, but distinctively beautiful.

Meet the makers behind Nereus.

Diana Ziegler and James Inglesby

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Why did you create Nereus London?

With James spending 12 years working for a multinational focusing on beauty products, and Diana working in the fashion industry, we felt like we wanted to do something more meaningful with our lives.

We decided to combine our skills and create products that we felt were missing from the market - beauty products that were not only of the highest quality in terms of performance, but also all-natural and environmentally sustainable.

We were also spurred on by the overuse of black plastic products in the beauty industry, it’s often assumed that like other plastics, it gets recycled. However, this is rarely the case and it almost invariably ends up in landfills or even worse, the ocean. For us, this is something we found totally unacceptable.

With that firm foundation in place, we worked tirelessly to design, source, and create the luxury hair and body care products you can see today.

What do you think differentiates you from other brands in your space?

Our approach is different to other brands on the market because we create luxury products that are genuinely sustainable. Very often brands that create sustainable products do so at the cost of aesthetics, product performance, or even both. We wanted to do it all, so set out to make the most amazing products that also kept the environment at the heart and soul at every stage. We’ve created aesthetically pleasing packaging, formulations that actually work and developed 100% natural organic fragrances that smell amazing. We want our customers to have all the benefits of a high-end product without the cost to the environment.

What are the three things that you hope viewers can learn about your brand?

1. At Nereus London, we specialise in sustainable hair and body care, including shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Our products smell wonderful and feel luxurious.

2. Our Gift Sets are the perfect present for those who value sustainability and quality. Our gift boxes are high quality but made from recycled materials.

3. Our products are designed for all types of hair and skin, are packed full of essential oils and will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and nourished. They actually work

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