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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I've been fortunate enough to partner and work with some incredible platforms, initiatives and fashion campaigns over the years as a content creator. These opportunities have helped me to connect with leaders from around the world, understand and address certain topics that I may have been unaware of and also take a moment to see beyond big brands and focus on the independent names who are as thoughtful with their designs as they are with their messaging.

I was delighted to welcome to the first show, the founder of Stand For A Difference, Tamara Rampley.

Purchasing is an emotional decision and we want you to love it and keep it as long as possible, which is very important in a world of finite resources.

What is your why?

My why is simple. Hearing about the plight of the garment workers in unregulated factories in the developing world in the early nineties made me want to change things. It was as simple as if I am educated and privileged enough to help, I want to, I would hope someone would do the same for me!

I am an artist and I had the dream of an ethical fashion brand then, but you have to have your

‘real’ job to pay the bills But when I had an accident and needed plastic surgery on my face, it made me realise, if not now, when? When the dressings came off I went to India for Christmas to end the year on a high and find a community group to partner with....

I came back and collected 80 sewing machines for them so they could work towards an

independent living, took my savings and handed in my notice!

What differentiates STAND?

Our Mission is to work in UNION with People and Planet

For the People, we work with all strata of society, to try and give them greater independence,

choice and dignity:

1. At the grassroots in education with women who have nothing

2. With Tailors from a little cottage industry that we will trade fairly with

3.The most skilled Artisans who do Couture quality embroidery and will embellish jackets for us. For the Planet, we upcycle everything we can and make it in the UK to minimise carbon.

With all our design we are working towards zero waste and the circular economy I personally create themed Swarovski Crystal jewellery collections.

1. Because it glitters and it is our aspiration to help make as many lives as we can sparkle!

2. Because it is transparent and that is how we try to run the business

3. Because it is completely beautiful!

Three things you should know about STAND

1. We understand our products must be so beautiful, they touch your heart. Purchasing is an

emotional decision and we want you to love it and keep it as long as possible, which is very

important in a world of finite resources.

2. We are Inclusive. Our reason to be is to create choice and dignity for as many people as

possible, so we work with Dalit women in India and young people with mental health problems


3. We have huge plans in the pipeline for new partnerships to join many people together from

across the world....

Find out more about STAND at:


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